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100% organic cotton and sustainably printed garments

Based in Malmö, Sweden, we’re a small print studio working with textiles and occasionally paper goods. Our focus is on producing sustainably, ethically, and locally as much as possible. We supply only 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester garments. We use water based inks in our textile printing process. By working with us, you can rest assured that your products will better for the environment and the community they were produced in.

We offer a variety of printing methods, depending on your needs. For textile printing, we offer DTG (direct to garment) printing and screen printing. On request, we can also provide heat transfer printing. By partnering with other local printers with a similar philosophy, we can cover small and large orders alike.

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Local, sustainable & organic

100% organic cotton

When ordering with us, you can rest assured that we only use 100% organic cotton in our products and offerings. The garment business has seen a growing shift in the use of organic cotton, but it still only makes up 5% of the cotton industry. We see that as a challenge to grow that market share and make organic cotton the norm in the fashion industry.

Recycled polyester

Plastics are growing problem in our world. The take hundreds of years to breakdown and micro plastics can cause unseen damage to our bodies and environment. Using recycled polyester ensures that no new plastic is made and we utilise the materials that have been used and are repurposed as best possible. Each sweatshirt we print contains 2-3 recycled plastic water bottles.

Water based inks

Plastisol based inks don’t just damage the environment, they also damage the wearer, when they breakdown into micro plastics, which are consumed by algae, fish and mammals. They also are being shown to cause unseen damage to our bodies and the environment. By using water based inks, we try to make sure that our end product is neutral as possible, leaving no harmful chemicals and micro plastics behind.



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